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About us

Pure Life Products LLC What we have to offer

Pure Life Products LLC was founded on the premise that fresh locally grown vegetables and herbs should be available year-round in our area. Living in Western New York presents some challenges due to a short growing season. The solution was to grow indoors using state of the art energy efficient LED grow lights and using new technology growing methods. Because we are growing in a controlled environment there is no need for pesticides or other toxic pest control substances.

We developed a growing system modelled after an experiment that was used by NASA to grow potatoes in space, High Pressure Aeroponics (HPA). HPA is a form of hydroponics that uses high pressure pumps to spray fine mist water droplets into a root chamber. The roots are suspended in the air and get just the right amount of nutrients and oxygen they need to thrive. This growing process uses 95% less water than traditional growing methods and can be fully automated making it easy for one or two people to harvest an abundance of produce. After years of research and development we have created a modular system that is efficient and produces high quality clean vegetables and herbs.
Our farm ethos

Our farm ethos

We are committed to the purest and and most efficient ways of producing great products.

Honest & Reliable

You can trust that we use the finest nutrients and methods.


Everything that we produce that is unsold, gets composted continuing the cycle.

Competitive prices

You shouldn’t have to pay more for a label, we offer competitive pricing!

Highly experienced

We constantly develop our growing methods, getting better and better!