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New York Legal Cannabis



New York Legal Cannabis

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This year New York has legalized recreational marijuana! Pure Life Products will be applying for a cultivation license to add cannabis to our growing list of products we produce.

The high pressure Aeroponics system that we have developed for growing produce and herbs will be a perfect system to grow cannabis in. Our system uses the purest materials and can grow thriving plants in much less time than traditional farming methods.

We have designed a hybrid sealed greenhouse for our farm. The facility design utilizes solar panels to offset electrical costs for supplemental LED grow lights and a geothermal HVAC system to control heating, cooling, and humidity levels in the greenhouse. Our water reclamation system is designed to help conserve water, reduce costs, optimize nutrient use, and eliminate wastewater disposal requirements. This facility is more than a greenhouse. It is a holistic system; a completely sealed grow environment characterized by its sun harvesting and climate control capabilities.

Aeroponic Roots!

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